free GPS tracking.
Getting started
1. Signup Use the no frills signup form to get a free account. You need a working e-mail account in order to activate your account. I require this in order to prevent abuse and misuse of the service.
2. Dowload the java client. Either install it from your computer, or directly from your phone by pointing your WAP browser to - Select Traxme.jad to be installed onto your phone. There is also a special version of the client for Siemens SXG75 phones with built in GPS. This client is located in - and bluetooth discovery can be bypassed when selecting JSR179 as the GPS.
3. Setup. The first time you run the program on your phone, select "account setup", where you need to enter the username and password exactly as you did when you signed up. Beware that usernames and passwords are case sensetive. You can also go to "setting" and adjust the update interval, the default is 60 seconds.
4. Discover Switch on your bluetooth GPS, and select "Discover GPS" from the menu. The phone will search for your GPS. Once the search has completed, goto "Select Device", where if everything has gone according to plan, you can select your GPS from the list of available devices. During these steps you may have to go through the pairing procedure so your phone and GPS will talk together.
5. Connect When the above steps have been completed, the settings will be stored in your phone, so in the future you can go straight to the "connect" option. While tracking is performed, your phone will update 3 lines with information. bt: tells you about the bluetooth state. net: tells you about the state of the Internet connection. pos: Shows the recieved position. "0 0" means that there either is no fix.
6. Watch Enter your name in the Track a user box to the right on this web page, or construct a url like this - where MYUSERNAME is substituted with the name you registered with. IM or mail this URL to friends and family whenever you want them to 'keep an eye on you.'
Track a user: