free GPS tracking.
Getting started
Is it really free? Using is free, but you will probably have to pay for GPRS data charges when uploading your position. The traxme client uses a very sparse custom TCP/IP protocol, and typicly only generates 10-20 kbs during 1 hour of tracking. This is the equivalent of viewing a few small wap pages every hour. Check your cell phone provider for data rates. International roaming may cost more, but with GPRS you should only pay for the amount of data that you send and recieve, the duration of the connection is of no concequence to what you end up paying.
Why is it free?This is a hobby project that I have, and I want to make something usefull for me and others. My intentions is to keep the basic service free, but if this catches on, and the cost of hosting the service becomes to much, I might compensate with some advertising, and by charging for premium services. ( Dream on... )
What equipment do I need ? The java client will run on a MIDP 2.0 compatible phone. The program should work together with any bluetooth GPS. It has been tested to work with Nokia 6230i, 6680 and Bluei GPS. Please report problems, and results in the contact section.
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